Creativity and Buzz – this is one big (and creative) advertisement!

From doc, another blatant repost, but you have to love this amazingly creative "big ad"!


And for the record, Doc Searls doesn’t know me from Adam, I just read his stuff.  What actually had me reading today was the commentary on the Daniel Lyons piece in Forbes called "Attack of the Blogs".  The Forbes blog article has suspense, public relations, poor crisis communication, dogs and cats, living together, just great stuff!  And it does make some good points about the role of blogs, journalists and public relations folks stuck in the middle of it all.

What strikes me the most is that Daniel Lyons, the author, takes a blogger-like-over-inflamatory tone specifically to create buzz.  And it worked. A full frontal attack on the blogosphere is really brilliant PR to for Forbes magazine to create buzz! Those clever people….  How else would I have logged into the Forbes site for the first time in my life (using bugmenot of course but that is beside the point).

So now the question is, will the next issue of Forbes issue a standard blogger-type-retraction-apology-move-on about some random detail in the article to complete the theme?  And what do you bet that the author has his google alerts set up with bloglines feeds watching and grinning?  Part of social software is the performance art aspect of flaming, and there is no better place to flame than the blogosphere.