PR professionals’ voting rights

NPC split on PR professionals’ voting rights

Mark Hand PR Week USA Oct 26 2005 20:14

WASHINGTON: PR professionals are mounting an impassioned campaign at the National Press Club (NPC) for passage of a constitutional amendment giving their two representatives on the club’s 14-member board of governors the right to vote.

The National Press Club, representing journalists and therefore print mags and newspapers, is actually more than half PR pros per the article.  Meanwhile bloggers are unionizing and also plan to deny all voting rights to those in the public relations profession.  OK, that last part isn’t true.

Stanford iTunes Offerings – FREE KNOWLEDGE


Stanford on iTunes will expand in content and features in the coming months. Soon users will be able to access descriptions of each track, listen to over 30 lectures from Reunion Homecoming 2005, and even watch video of select programs.

My first thought on looking at Stanford’s iTunes offerings, discovered via apophenia, is that I feel overwhelmed.  It is bad enough looking at all of the books I am planning to read, staring at my paper queue, but now I have an ipod-must-listen-to-on-the-next-airplane-flight-podcast queue.

However, it is very exciting to see knowledge from lectures being shared freely.  So if you aren’t in a position to attend Stanford you *can* get the knowledge just not the degree.  And I truly believe it is more about the knowledge than the degree.  (yes Kids, stay in school, I am just saying….)

Now, what we need is an open source medical school so people who can’t afford it can still learn to help people with no other options.  Or is that too green light?