Technolatin: Advercasting on Wikipedia (via Micropersuasion)

Gratuitous repost and Technolatin comment

Let’s Build Out the Definition for Advercasting

By (Steve Rubel) on Vidcasting

Someone has posted an entry for Advercasting on Wikipedia. Right now it’s called “an emerging term used by marketers to describe advertising on a podcast or vodcast.“ How should we build this out? The slate is clean right now.

So I am all for it, advercasting sounds like a cool word.  That said, I am about two thirds of the way through the reread of cluetrain and Ijust read the part about technolatin (Doc Searls)

BuzzPhrases are built with TechnoLatin, a non-language that replaces plain English nouns with vague but precise-sounding substitutes.  In TechnoLatin, a disk drive is a "data management solution."  A network is a "workgroup productivity platform."  A phone is a "telecommunications device".

Cool as advercasting may sound, I have a hard enough time explaining online marketing and public relations to "normal" people without adding more techno-buzz-latin stuff to the dialog.  Can’t we just say "advertising on a podcast" or an "intro" or "promo"?  Isn’t a radio spot still a radio spot if on a podcast?  Stop the madness and be clear.  Really.  Just be clear.