In rereading cluetrain I am struck by all the talk of Intranets

In rereading cluetrain I am struck by how much they talk about Intranets.  It almost seems as if before the wave of talk on ASPs there was an assumption that Intranets would live on the same network as the company.  But the company doesn’t live on one network, it lives on the Internet. 

Yes I realize that large companies like IBM and Microsoft have active and thriving intranets, but they are accessible from the Internet and quite frankly I hear things like "on the HR web site" as opposed to the actual word "intranet".  It’s like Intranets still exist but the word isn’t cool anymore. 

Just for grins I did a search on "intranets and blogs" and got a public wiki (open) about Intranets (closed) as the top result.  Hmmm.