Distributed Authoring and Virtualization for Associations

Cluetrain I am rereading The Cluetrain Manifesto which reminded me that many of the ideas behind Tendenci, the philosophy of the software, are simply derivatives of Cluetrain.

Engaging Your Membership: What Are You Doing and What Should You Be Doing?
The Concept of Distributed Authoring for Membership Associations ““ Getting Your Association to “Virtualization“

If, like me, it has been a while since you read cluetrain, I highly recommend a refresher on the 95 Theses.  Most of the venting in cluetrain goes against corporations but is equally applicable to associations.  It is all about being human and overcoming bureaucracy to get to true conversational intelligence.  And I kind of dig watching the whole process play out in real time.

So what DO they do? Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories for crime and advertising

From the HBJ article "Brain biz eyes ads" (what a bad headline!) a company called Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories (what a bad name) is shifting from criminal brain fingerprinting to advertising.  See excerpt below:

Brain biz eyes ads
Heidi Dietrich, Staff Writer
By hooking humans up to machines that measure cerebral activity, the company believes it can determine whether specific information is stored in a person’s memory.

Now, Brain Fingerprinting believes it’s found the ideal first business application: advertising.

The company just completed a study with global marketing firm Millward Brown indicating that its brain imaging machine tracks the same reaction in ad viewers as survey questions asking viewers for their feedback. Armed with this data that helps validate its technology, Brain Fingerprinting now says it plans to spin out an advertising company within six months. The company projects a spin-off staff of more than 100 people within a year and a half, and it believes revenue from ad firms ultimately can exceed $250 million.

"Advertisers want to know if someone has paid attention to an ad and can recall it," said Larry Farwell, Brain Fingerprinting chairman and chief scientist. "They want to know: Do our ads make an impact?"

I am not sure hooking me up to a machine with a bunch of electrodes tapes to my head will yield reliable marketing data, but it sure looks like a great CYA for the next superbowl commercial.  We even tested this ad by measuring brain waves!  Hopefully the study subjects won’t wear tinfoil hats.