NYT on improving students through school integration by income in North Carolina

The New York Times has a story that makes you go "duh" but nonetheless is something that should be part of the dialog on education in America. 

As Test Scores Jump, Raleigh Credits Integration by Income (reg required of course)

RALEIGH, N.C. – Over the last decade, black and Hispanic students here in Wake County have made such dramatic strides in standardized reading and math tests that it has caught the attention of education experts around the country.

The main reason for the students’ dramatic improvement, say officials and parents in the county, which includes Raleigh and its sprawling suburbs, is that the district has made a concerted effort to integrate the schools economically. (more) By ALAN FINDER

Racial segregation in America required integration to recover, but mostly because at the time race had a high correlation with economic capability.  The very success of desegregation has created diverse economic groups within racial groups so it only makes sense that integration based on economics will produce the same positive results that desegregation did.  They are the same thing, with an acknowledgement that times have changed.