New Tech Stuff worth mentioning

New Tech Stuff that I like, that relates to expression of ideas even if technical in nature:

  1. TagCloud – add a flickr like tag presentation to your site.  yes I am very late noticing this one.
  2. Meebo – browser based IM clients.  Great for kids with paranoid parents that block IM (cough)
  3. Audacity – audio editor for all of your podcast editing
  4. Blogpulse – this just keeps getting better and be sure to check out the blog profiles section
  5. Blink Bits – from the site – "pick a topic, we continously go out and get info on this topic for you and then provide the tools for you to control the topic content, discuss it and share it."

Of those I particularly like tag cloud and if we can help people understand the context of their content through tags in real time.  Post your content.  Review your cloud.  Verify topic sentence.  Edit.  Repeat.  Remix as needed.  Exactness of speech is hard work and any tool available to content providers will help.