accidental panelist

As one of the sponsors of PR Day here in Houston my role at this morning’s blog panel was to introduce the panelists.  As fate would have it, one of the bloggers was unable to make it, so I had the privilege of filling in on the panel with John Wagner of "On Message".  Luckily I recently was on a panel with Bulldog Reporter called Blogs, RSS, Wikis and Podcasting which had me more than prepared, although trying to avoid the subject of RSS and Podcasts was challenging.  Given the format, just discussing blogs and PR was more than enough for the time slot.

John has been kind enough to already post a list of blogs he recommends for people in PR on his site.  Podcast should be available soon on the site.

The one take-away I feel is important for PR professionals is "the cheese has moved".  But working directly with the public is what the "counsel on public relations" is supposed to do.  Yes the blogosphere is uncontrolled, and the rules are still forming, but from a pure PR perspective there is more raw material to work with.  That is a good thing … IF you are truly creative.  Churning press releases can be, for the upteenth time, declared dead.

Congratulations as well to Kelly Papinchak who was elected to the PRSA Houston board of directors.  Go Kelly!